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Work // Graphic Design // Super Cu+ 舒沛酷

Poster ENCH
Poster EN
Branding Newgreensource
Branding Newgreensource
Branding Super Cu+

Project type: logo design, branding, print design, product design, translation


Super Cu+ is an all natural antibacterial deodorant produced by Newgreensource Co. Ltd. based in Taiwan R.O.C.


Various materials were designed in both Chinese and English to enter the international market, including DMs/flyers, pull-down posters, bottle labels, and business cards. Branding guidelines and identities were created for both the product and the company. Translations to English were done to conform to the original Chinese text in terms of technicality and terminology.


Banners displayed at Taipei American School's Saturday Flea Market, Taipei Expo Park Farmers' Bazaar at Yuanshan

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